Katherine Brook / Tele-Violet

The Power of Emotion: The Apartment

October 11-21, 2017

Abrons Arts Center

NYPAC is pleased to have supported the development of The Power of Emotion: The Apartment.

Led by director Katherine Brook and writer Shonni Enelow, and developed into a musical collaboration with composer Taylor Brook and TAK ensemble, The Power of Emotion is a long-term creative research project exploring how we watch, hear, and perform emotions. How are they articulated in the body and voice? How are they processed within the categories that our everyday language provides? What is the nature of these emotions? And why are they so disturbing and powerful to witness on the stage? In this project's third and final iteration, The Apartment, a fight between two women leads to an apartment fire.

This ongoing project has had two previous iterations: the first, Breakfast, was developed during Chashama’s Summer Performance Residency in 2014; the second, Actresses, was presented at Under the Radar: Incoming! and at Firehouse Space in 2015. The Apartment was developed in residence at University Settlement and Mt. Tremper Arts. It will premiere at Mt. Tremper and Abrons Arts Center in 2017.

Tele-Violet is a theatre and performance group led by director Katherine Brook that uses dramatic texts and real-world content to experiment with acting and dramatic form in a collaborative context. Past Tele-Violet work includes Tragedy in Spades: A Crime Documentary (University Settlement) Pink Melon Joy (Brave New World Rep and Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival), Lady Han (Incubator Arts Project), and American Realism (Invisible Dog and The San Diego Museum of Art). Tele-Violet has been featured at Prelude, Little Theater, Catch, The Working Theater, and Under the Radar.

For more information, visit Abrons Arts Center.

The Power of Emotion: The Apartment