With and For – Malik Gaines and Alexandro Segade, Charity Coleman, Arias Abbruzzi Davis and Jordan Lord

The Knockdown Center / December 11th, 2015

NYPAC is pleased to announce With and For, curated by Rachel Valinsky at the Knockdown Center on Friday, December 11th. With and For features three dual- or multi-vocal, call-and-response-like performances. Based on a dialogic framework, the program foregrounds various formations of intimacy – partnership, family, and friendship—setting the stage for polyphonic interplay in the form of song (recorded, performed, improvised), script, and theatre in translation.

Arias Abbruzzi Davis and Jordan Lord, Ideas of Reference: Arias Abbruzzi Davis and Jordan Lord met six years ago in an intermediate French class. They became friends after collaborating on the final class project—an assignment to demonstrate mastery of the imperfect past tense, the future, and the future anterior. Their project was a short piece of absurdist theater about a jellyfish and rabbit. Returning to the script for the first time since their friendship began, they will perform a live translation of the script from French to English, remembering and speculating on the coded intimacies once exchanged.

Charity Coleman, Forever My Heart and Rebirth: Charity Coleman performs communion with the living voice of her mother, channeled through recordings from childhood and present-day conversation.

Malik Gaines and Alexandro Segade, Choir Practice: Gaines, Segade, and friends form an amateur choir singing from the repertoire of anti-racist, feminist activist, vocal ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock. The audience joins in to sing protest songs, folk songs, spirituals, and blues. Choir Practice was first performed in 2013, during Gaines and Segade’s Courtesy the Artists residency at Recess Art, New York.

Video: Charity Coleman

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