The Coldest Princess Wave – Cecilia Corrigan, Macy Rodman, Felix Bernstein, Cammisa Buerhaus

The Duplex Cabaret Theatre / February 27th, 2015

NYPAC, the New York Performance Artists Collective, is pleased to present comic poet / showgirl Cecilia Corrigan's "The Coldest Princess Wave," a lush night of comedy out of the darkness of winter. For "The Coldest Princess Wave" Corrigan brings together special celebrity guests  – including Cammisa Buerhaus, Felix Bernstein, and living Bushwick Barbie Doll Macy Rodman – in a blend of talk show, poetry reading, and stand-up. The weather outside is frightful, and as everyone knows, the best cure for hypothermia is a shared sleeping bag. "The Coldest Princess Wave" is that sleeping bag, and once you're zipped in with us, you'll thaw out in no time.

Special thanks to Graham Corrigan, Nisa Schoovenhoven, Rosie Rittenberry, Michael Thomas Vassallo, Gabe Hoot Ruin, Rachel Valinsky, Paul Marlow, Thomas Honeck, and WXYZ Jewelry.

Trailer: Vimeo

Press: Art in America / The Observer

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